Our office covers every area of the law, followed by those indicative reference:


  • Civil Law (pilot reports, as our agency is concerned with the overall resolution of private disputes)

– Unions, transactions, private international law

– Contractual law: Compensation from sales contracts, ownership disputes, differences of torts, property leases, drafting private agreements, donations

– Property law: real estate transactions and mobile subscriptions and deletions mortgage / underwritings, land registry, neighboring law disputes

– Family Law: Divorce, nutrition, child custody, guardianship, adoption minors / adults, recognition / Paternity attack

– Inheritance law: acceptance / inheritance waiver, indefeasible, publishing of wills, intestate succession, admission to the benefit of inventory, accepting minors

– Automobile disputes: damages from traffic accidents

  • Criminal law

– Crimes of the common Criminal Code (bodily harm, murder, theft, destruction of property, etc. defamation)

– Crimes of special criminal laws (the Weapons Law on smuggling law, customs offenses, tax offenses, Drug Act, etc.)

  • Public law

– Tax law (administrative appeals, appeals, oppositions)

– Non-contractual liability of public administration (actions against the State)

– Social insurance-pensions

– Community Staff appeals

– Expropriations (beneficiaries recognition)

  • Commercial law

– Banking Law

– Law limited liability company, partnership, limited partnerships, Private Capital Companies (SWF), Law cooperatives

– Urban Insolvency Law (Law Katseli / over-indebted individuals, Dendias Law)

– Bankruptcy law

– Trademark disclosure

– Law of unfair competition

– Maritime Law

– Law of transport and logistics (Logistics)

  • Labor law

– Individual labor law (termination of employment contracts, severance pay, allowances, overtime)

– Collective labor law

  • European Law

– Proceedings before the European Court

  • International law

– Private international (recognition of foreign divorce judgments, child custody)

  • Environmental Law
  • Sports Law
  • Law of Enforcements
  • Mediation in civil and commercial matters (alternative dispute resolution of private law)
  • Expertise in negotiations and conflict resolution
  • Management / Maintenance Real Estate
  • Italian Law
  • Copyright Law

– Copyright and related rights (copyright in books, songs, poems etc., drafting private agreements on vesting copyright and related rights)

  • Translations of various documents (diplomas, certificates, criminal records, etc.) in the following languages

– English language

– Italian language

– German language